Student Council

The Student Council acts as a representative for the 800 plus students at Boyne Community School.  Its purpose is to collaborate with teachers and administrators to improve student life and provide students with valuable learning experiences.  The Student Council gives students a voice in determining school issues and ideas for solutions.  The Student Council strives to unite the student body, get students involved, and to foster a positive climate throughout the school.

The goal of Student Council is to promote a sense of community within the school, act as a voice for students with the administration, provide community service, and raise funds for charitable causes and school improvements.  The Student Council gives students a chance to make decisions regarding their school.

  Leadership is a key component of a successful Student Council. Participation in the Council encourages responsibility, citizenship and leadership.

The elections for members for the 2020/2021 academic year were held recently and the following students are now on the Student Council:

  • First Year
    • Arthur Wasilewski Cano, Caoimhín Rua O’Neill, James Gallagher,  John Hilbert, Luke Traynor, Sam O’Connor, Tom Geraghty, 
  • Second Year
    • Amber Rose Ratcliffe, Dara Burke, Filip Salamonski, Jack Dowd, Jack O’Brien, Thomas McCann, 
  • Third Year
    • Alan Martyn, Donal Gilligan, Eleanore Gorman, John Lee, Michaela Irle, Tomas Edwards,
  • Transition Year/Fifth Year
    • Finn O’Connor, Mark Dunne, Seán O’Hanlon, Nathan Garland, 
  • Sixth Year
    • Adrian Biszcz, Ben Sweeney, Cassie Gillick, Cathal McCloskey, David Cosgrave Whelan, Joanna Gryzinska, Luke Cray, Michael Beirne Ponomarev, Oisin Hackett, Ralph Dwight Olowojaiye, 

The elections for the positions on the Student Council for the 2020/2021 academic year were also held recently. The positions are as follows:

  • Chairperson – Mark Dunne
  • Vice-Chairperson – Michael Beirne Ponomarev
  • Secretary – Elenore Gorman
  • Public Relations Officers – Sean Cantwell & Dónal Gilligan
  • Treasurer – Joanna Gryzinska




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Meas, Mórtas, Muintearas.

Respect for ourselves and others, pride in our work, and a sense of community.