As an acknowledgement for all of their hard work over the year, the 5th Year mentors and Student Council members were treated to a lunch in Trim Castle Hotel.

Student Mentors play an integral role in helping our First Year Students settle into school. Mentors gave up time at the start of the year to train and prepare themselves for their student leadership roles. During the year they have supported students by making themselves available at lunchtimes, meeting with their groups and also organising a range of activities and competitions for them during the year. We are very proud of their work and their interest in supporting other students.

This year alone the Student Council has been involved in the following:

  • Created a survey for students about school life which gathered positive feedback
  • Organised ‘Stand Up Week’ activities and created creative infographics, posters, and announcements.
  • Introduced ISSU into the school, and completed ISSU training
  • In partnership with the Parents Association, they organised the new school hats and sold them to students
  • Organised Christmas Card competitions
  • Assisted with the Fundraisers for the Red Cross Ukrainian Appeal
  • Walk in our shoes day for Friendship week
  • Surveyed first years on their experience of their first year in school
  • Contacted four local primary schools about the student’s visiting and visited St. Michael’s, St. Mary’s and Trim Educate Together.  Students also met with Trim Educate Together’s Student Council to give them advice on starting up.
  • Surveyed 6th year students on their choice of hoodie and ordered hoodies.

The lunch was well deserved and enjoyed by all students!