Transition Year

A unique programme that acts as a bridge between Junior and Leaving Cycles.

What is Transition Year?

  • This is a unique one year programme for students aged 15/16.
  • It provides a bridge to enable students to make the transition from Junior to Senior cycle.
  • It encourages personal and social development and recognises the need for students to grow in independence.
  • Transition Year fosters academic achievement as students prepare for a Leaving Certificate programme, further study and adult and working life.
  • The type of student to which Transition year is best suited is one who is an all-rounder or who wants to explore and develop their abilities, whilst learning new skills within a structured environment.
  • The Transition Year programme is designed to provide pupils with the opportunity to discover their own talents, aptitudes, and abilities whilst developing skills and competencies within a well-defined academic structure.
  • It challenges pupils to accept responsibility for their own learning, to improve their performance in many core areas, explore new subjects, develop their own interests, and to evaluate their progress.
  • It also introduces pupils to the world of adult work with work experience for students one day per week
  • Please note that due to an ongoing process of evaluation, review, and improvement the curriculum is subject to change


Points to consider before deciding to do Transition year

  • Students have an opportunity to explore other interests and skills.
  • O.S.S. Developing other skill sets!
  • Students are older and more mature:

          (i)   doing the Leaving Cert

          (ii)  going to college

  • Students who do TY have a lower dropout rate at 3rd


Application Procedure

  • 24 places only (if one class).
  • Application form.
  • Interview
  • Third Year head consulted.
  • Participation in school life and school record considered.



What Boyne Community School Leaving Certificate students’ said about the programme?

  • I got to do subjects which I never did before which was class and helped me chose my subjects for the Leaving Cert
  • We visited DCU and learned loads about college
  • I made new friends because the class was small
  • Work experience helped me to mature
  • Going on trips and doing activities outside of school was brilliant



TY Programme Goals

  • Education for Maturity and Personal Development

  • Emphasis on Self-Directed Learning with focus on Process not Result!
  • Development of Social Conscience
  • Education through Experience of Adult and Working Life.


Subjects in TY

  • Core Subjects
  • English
  • Irish
  • Maths
  • Science , Biology
  • Information Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Career Guidance


Sampling Subjects

  • Construction
  • Music
  • Religion
  • German (Language to be confirmed)


  T.Y. Specific Subjects

  • GAA Coaching Course
  • First Aid
  • Self Defence
  • Self-Development
  • Enterprise Education
  • Water safety/ lifesaving course
  • A.I. Coaching Course
  • Community Work


Other Areas Students Will Experience

  • Work Experience
  • Outdoor Pursuits
  • Visiting Speakers
  • Social Awareness Programme
  • Day Trips – relevant to courses undertaken
  • Voluntary work
  • First Aid




Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning in T.Y. Students are assessed using a variety of methods:

  • Project Work
  • Written Assessments
  • Exhibitions
  • Self-Assessment
  • Peer Assessment
  • Presentations
  • Interview
  • Portfolio




Meas, Mórtas, Muintearas.

Respect for ourselves and others, pride in our work, and a sense of community.