Need some help activating customer accounts?

At this time of year a lot of new parents will be activating their account for the first time. The following Q&As will help you to resolve any issues they may experience. The following steps will help to guide you through any queries.

Information and tips can also be found through the Help section which you will find on your main menu – simply search Activate

Q. The system says my data is not found
A: If a parent tries to activate their account but enters an incorrect mobile number or a different version of their surname, we can’t match them with the data stored on the school’s database. So first you will need to confirm their details. If they have not yet activated their account you will find them on the list of pre-loaded names:
  • Hover over Clients
  • Click on Pre-loaded names
  • This list displays in alphabetical order by SURNAME
  • Scroll through this list to find the parent and confirm the name and mobile number exactly as it is stored on your database
Q. I’m trying to activate my account and it says my email address is not registered
A: If they are trying to activate their account and they get this message, then their account has already been activated. The best way to locate their details is to do is a partial search. For example, if you are looking for O’Gorman, just search for “gorman” and it will list everybody with that name whether it is:
  • Gorman
  • O’Gorman
  • O Gorman
Q. I still can’t activate my account – can you help?
A: If a parent is having difficulty with the process, you can activate their account for them with their email address:
  • Find them in the list of pre-loaded names as above
  • Select Activate via email next to their listing
  • Enter their email address in the box provided and click on Activate
  • The account will be activated and the parent will receive an email asking them to set their password
Q. I cannot see one of my children on the account
A: When we upload data to the system we use the parents mobile number to link students in the same family. If mobile phone numbers are incorrect then the student may be added to a separate account and a duplicate entry for the parent will exist. To resolve this issue you need to do the following:
  • Locate the student using the search facility
  • Delete the student that is not in the correct account
  • Delete the parent for this student
  • Select the correct parent and the use the Add Additional Names button to add the student to the correct account
If you are still experiencing difficulty, please contact the team at support@easypaymentsplus.com