🟢🤍🟠 Celebrate Unity:

Congratulations to our Student Council members who marked this 🇮🇪 special occasion as we raised the Irish tricolour to symbolize peace, unity, and inclusivity within our school community.

We were privileged to have our exceptional music department, whose talent and dedication we sincerely appreciate, join us in celebrating this occasion.

Our traditional Irish music group, led by Ms O Brien, played the National Anthem and two traditional Irish songs to express our embrace of Irish culture.

Our Chairperson, Sadhbh, read a poem titled Promoting Peace and we all assembled outside to raise the flag and we sung our National Anthem in both English and in Irish reflecting our commitment to cultural diversity, linguistic inclusivity, and national pride. The Boyne CS reaffirms our commitment to respect, understanding, and acceptance for all.

🎉 #UnityInDiversity #FlagRaisingDay #SchoolSpirit 🟢🤍🟠