Anti-Bullying in B.C.S

Our Cairde Team here in Boyne Community School aims to promote inclusion and respect within our school environment and to deal with any bullying issues arising.

Our School Anti-Bullying Policy can be found by clicking here.

We Have a number of school staff who look after our students here in Boyne Community School;

Layer 1: 1st Point of Contact

1st Years – Ms.C.Bowe. & Ms.A.Curran

2nd Years – Ms.N.Mc Cann & Ms. M. Seery.

3rd Years – Mr. C. Brien & Ms. E. Phelan.

T.Y./5th Years – Liz D. & Liz Broderick

6th Years – Ms. E.Bowler & Ms.C. Kenny

Layer 2: Referral

1st Years – Ms.H. Bailey

2nd Years – Ms. B. Eustace

3rd Years – Mr. F. Flanagan

T.Y./5th Years – Ms. A. Daly

6th Years – Ms. A. Walshe


Should you come across any incident of bullying please let one of the team know by emailing