TY show in Boyne Community School

In the shimmering glow of stage lights amidst the palpable buzz of excitement, our school’s Transition Year group embarked on a journey of song, dance, creativity and collaboration. With hearts brimming with anticipation and backed by a brilliant home crowd of supporters, they unveiled their concert last evening in the Swift Cultural Centre, a testament to their dedication and talent.

Report by Student Council PRO, Stas.

This year, the transition year group at Boyne Community School crafted a landmark school production, marking a significant milestone in the school’s history. The show was outstanding, and the performers were full of talent. It will be remembered for many years to come.

The MC’s for our audience were Chloe Creagh and Caoimhín O’Neill.

Our first act took all 72 students to the stage singing, dancing to the hit songs from Queen, We Will Rock You and Don’t Stop Me Now.

Second, there was a band called Calamitous, who performed on their guitar and drums.

Third, Emma Conboy, Katie Fagan-Brown, Uma Prunty, Aoibhe Tully, Janey Tully, Maria Daly, Chloe Creagh and Edel Halton created a comedy piece on social media.

Fourth was a filmed production which lead us through some trials and tribulations of a day in Boyne as a student and a member of management.

Sweet Caroline was the fifth act where Cathal Barron sang while his other fellow friends performed a memorable dance.

The sixth scene was the traditional music piece on instruments and dance featuring two Irish dancers Emma Conboy and Katie Fagan-Brown.

Seventh, we have the comedy scene on a first-day construction apprenticeship, making it very funny as it had lots of story twists to its plot. That was very unexpected. The actors involved included Milly McKay, Caoimhin O Neill, Cathal Barron, Jack Ward, Jake Purcell & Aoibhe Kinsella.

Eight was Gabriele Sinickaite, with her impressive gymnastics solo.

Ninth was a performance of Brazil by David Roddy, Daniel Quinn, Cathal Barron, Savva Belavsky-Levitan and Chloe Creagh.

The tenth act was the inside the minds of a first-year act with Ewan Phipps, Gabriele Sinickaite, Ruby O’ Connor, Hugo Jones, James Gallagher, Niamh Batzela, Aidan O’Dea and Cian O Dea.

The eleventh act was the girl’s show, Dancing the Night Away, by Dua Lipa.

Last but not least was the final speech of appreciation by our one and only Principal, Ms Ryan, and the Transition year group saying goodbye to the audience after their performances of hard work.

Thanks to Ms Murphy, Ms Curran, Mr Moriarty, Ms Toner, Mr McAndrew, Mr Keane and all the people I did not credit, like the many teachers, staff members, and other students who were involved and helped immensely. They deserve the best on my behalf.

Student Council PRO, Stas.