Transition Year Awards Ceremony

We are delighted to have completed this year’s Transition Year (TY) Awards Ceremony. The event celebrated our TY students’ diverse talents and hard work, recognizing their achievements in various academic and extracurricular areas.

Firstly, we thank our dedicated TY coordinators, Mr McAndrew and Ms Byrne. Their unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in this year’s student accomplishments. We greatly appreciate their commitment to fostering a positive and enriching environment for our students this year. Each year, the school’s TY programme goes from strength to strength. It is a testimony to our teachers who partake and our programme coordinators, Mr McAndrew, Ms Byrne, and Mr Lynch, who organize and manage an excellent school programme.

Academic Awards

TY Irish Student of the Year: James Gallagher

TY Spanish Student of the Year: James Gallagher

TY Coder of the Year: Jack Ward

TY Film Studies Award: Niamh Batzella

TY Mandarin Award: James Gallagher

TY Environmental Studies Award: Ewan Phipps

TY Artist of the Year: Tara Coffey

TY Home Economics Award: Chloe Creagh

TY French Student of the Year: Daniel McSherry

TY Self Defence Student Award: Samuel Doyle

TY Philosopher of the Year: James Gallagher

TY German Student of the Year: Savva Belavsky-Levitan

TY Mathematician of the Year: Cian O’Dea

TY Hair and Beauty Award: Tara Coffey

TY Computer Scientist (Coding, Bebras Challenge Final and Lego League): Mark Gorman

TY Horticulturist Award: Tegan Ging

TY Historian of the Year: Tara Coffey

TY Pilates Student of the Year: Gabriele Sinickaite

Special Awards

TY Entrepreneur of the Year: Tegan Ging

TY Scientist of the Year: Caoilinn Murray, Aoibhe Kinsella, Milly McKay, Tara Coffey, Jack Ward, Chloe Creagh

Extracurricular Awards

Inspiring Girls Leadership Award: Chloe Creagh

TY Basketball Player of the Year: Caoimhín Rua O’Neill O’Neill

TY Green Schools Award: Hugo Jones

TY Camogie Award: Tara Coffey

TY Micro: bit Award: Ewan Phipps

TY Footballer of the Year Award: Robert Johnson

TY Rugby Player of the Year: Ross Dixon

TY Soccer Award: Robert Johnson

TY Hurler of the Year: Luca Taheny

FAI Peer Mentors: Cian Holland Jones, Josh Reaney, Ross Dixon, Cormac Byrne, Daniel McSherry.

The accomplishments of our students this year have been truly outstanding, reflecting their dedication, talent, and the excellent support system provided by our school community.

We look forward to seeing their continued success and growth in the years to come.

Congratulations to all our award recipients.