Ty and LCA students worked today with Anne from Hair Rootine. We learned about proper hair care and how to style hair. The workshop was very enjoyable and useful. We learnt about how to prevent damaging our hair and good products to use. Each of us were given a mannequin head with beautiful long hair for us to practise on.

We were also all given a comb, a hairbrush, a hair tie and clips. Anne taught us a lot of different hairstyles such as fishtail braids, Celtic braids, waterfall braids and how to properly put our hair in ponytails. We all spent some time trying to master each hairstyle and we learnt from a PowerPoint Anne made in between learning each hairstyle.

Anne also ran a competition with us of who could come up with the best name for a shampoo brand and the winner received a variety of different hair products. The workshop was so enjoyable because it’s something we can apply to our everyday life.