Hi everyone,

Trim Family Resource Centre and SMART Project will be running a Non-Violent Resistance Programme (NVR) for parents who experience child-to-parent violence at home.

NVR programme helps to empower parents to take positive action to end violent and controlling behaviours. The programme has proven to be effective for many families where young people are heading, violent or abusive towards their parents/ carers. Prior registration is required – the closing date is 25 January 2024.

An introductory one-to-one session with parents will occur at the start of February, and group sessions will start on 21 February 2024. The programme will run eight weeks every Wednesday (excluding Easter school holidays) from 10 am to 12.30 pm in Trim FRC, 15 Wellington Avenue, C15 FC03. Trim Family Resource Centre and SMART Project will facilitate it. 

Contact Justyna on 046 9438850087 1877553 for more information or to register.


Justyna Doherty


Trim Family Resource Centre

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