Second & Third Year Awards Ceremony Report

The Second & Third Year Awards Ceremony celebrated students’ achievements in various academic, extracurricular, and unique contribution categories. The event recognized our Second & Third year students’ hard work and dedication across multiple subjects and activities.

Thank you to Mr Cooney, and Ms Daly our – Year Heads, for presenting at the awards ceremony this morning.

Below are the details of the Second Year awards and the respective recipients:

Academic Awards
2nd Year Engineering Award
Aidan Williams

2nd Year Wood Technology Award
Fionn Ennis

2nd Year Home Economics Award
Holly Byrne-Maguire

2nd Year Art Award
Mia Gajdos

2nd Year Graphics Award
Dara Hamilton McHugh

2nd Year Business Award
Elija Ratkeviciute
Callum Ennis
Conor Hand
Ethan Beirne-Ponomarev

Extracurricular Awards

2nd Year Football Award
Lee Kearney

2nd Year Soccer Award
John Killoran

2nd Year Hurling Award
Charlie Fagan

2nd Year Rugby Award
Tymon Marcyniak

2nd Year Basketball Award
Alex McGrath

2nd Year Chess Award
Thomas James

2nd Year Green Schools Award
Johan Binu Cherian

2nd Year Student Council Award
Darragh Dolan

2nd Year Girls Soccer
Sadhbh Barron

2nd Year L2LP Artist of the Year
Megan Gillick

2nd Year Camogie Award
Lauren Cosgrave

2nd Year Sewing Club Award
Pearl Smyth

2nd Year Micro: bit Club
Johan Binu Cherian

2nd Year Ladies GAA
Alicja Lakomska

Special Contribution Awards

2nd Year: Contribution to School Life Through Music
Donal Yeates, Lucy King, Francis Healy, Jasmine Counihan, Ema Julija Vepsaite, Chanel Corrigan, Lauren Cosgrave, Corina Gira, Anna Boyne, Emily Duignan, Holly Byrne-Maguire, Amira Kourrini, Pearl Smyth, Lucy Kavanagh, Darragh Dolan, Grace Walsh, Elizabeth Evans-Heffernan, Nova Sherwin

2nd Year: Contribution to the World of Work Programme

Darragh Dolan, Dean Heapes, Katie Quearney-Behan, Callum Bennett, Jack Fox, Jack Turner, Amber Reid, George Watson, Anna Boyne, Niall Sweeney, Charlie Kirwan, Enda Byrne, Kipras Samoska, Kevin Austin, David Kincius, Adam Smyth, Sean Garland, Noah Martin, Chanel Corrigan, Sophia King, Lucy King.

Below is a detailed list of the awards and the respective recipients for Third Year.

Academic Awards

Junior Certificate Music Award
Drew Veale & Daniel Butler

3rd Year Engineering Award
Ruairi McCaffrey

3rd Year Wood Technology Award
Cillian Diamond

3rd Year Home Economics Award
Michaela Raducan

3rd Year Art Award
Drew Veale

3rd Year Graphics Award
Arnas Urbonavicius

3rd Year Business Award
Sam Nolan, Rohan Rooney, Dylan S Doran

Extracurricular Awards

3rd Year Football Award
Lewis Ryan

3rd Year Hurling Award
Dan Callaghan

3rd Year Athletics Award
Sean Farrell

3rd Year Rugby Award
Evan Lawless & Dylan McGuiness

3rd Year Basketball Award
Jaydee Carpenter

3rd Year Chess Award
Joseph James and Jeremiah Mathew

3rd Year Green Schools Award
Thomas Evans

3rd Year Student Council Award
Ava McEvoy

3rd Year Micro: bit Club Award
Thomas Evans and Jeremiah Mathew

3rd Year Lego League Award
Jeremiah Mathew

3rd Year Certificate for Lego League
Jeremiah Mathew, Thomas Evans, Amara Rossney, Aidan McManus

3rd Year L2LP Artist of the Year
Leo Cantaragiu

3rd Year Girls Soccer
Chanel Corrigan

3rd Year Camogie Award
Faye Govern

3rd Year Cross Country Award
Chris Ryan

Special Contribution Awards

3rd Year: Contribution to School Life Through Music
Ava McEvoy, Ellis Giles, Drew Veale, Kyal Larkin

The Second and our Third Year awards ceremony showcased the remarkable efforts of our students, recognizing their achievements in various domains. Each awardee demonstrated excellence and a commitment to contributing to the school community. The event highlighted the school’s supportive environment, which nurtures students’ talents and encourages them to engage in various activities.

Congratulations to you all.