SciFest Success for Transition Year Students!


Congratulations to our transition year students who participated in SciFest@school on 2nd March 2021. SciFest is an all-inclusive science initiative which fosters active, collaborative and inquiry-based learning among second-level students. It is funded primarily by Science Foundation Ireland, Intel, and Boston Scientific. Our students showcased their scientific knowledge by designing and carrying out a scientific investigation of their choice. The winning students will now go on to represent Boyne Community School in Dublin City University in the SciFest@college competition in May.

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1st Place: Katie Wilson

‘Investigate the factors that determine the rate at which heat is lost from different types of drinking cups that contain different hot liquids’.


2nd Place: Oscar Conroy

‘Which factor has the greatest impact on the rate of chemical reaction?’


3rd Place: Jamie Callaghan

‘Can the volume of a boat predict the mass of its maximum floating carry capacity?’


4th Place: Oran McNevin

‘Use effervescent tablets to investigate the effect of temperature on the rate of a chemical reaction’.