On Tuesday the 24th of January, four members of the Green Schools Committee attended the ‘Neat Streets Conference’ in the Aviva Stadium. There they met students from across the country where they discussed and shared different ideas for promoting recycling and sustainability in our schools.  
Our committee members also had the privilege of listening to and meeting Annalise Murphy who is a three time Olympian and silver medalist winner for sailing. Annalise spoke of the courage and determination that she mustered in the face of adversity. She also shockingly detailed how sea pollution has had a huge impact on her sport, particularly during one of her races in the Rio Olympics where she fell from first place position, all because of a large pile of rubbish that had collected around her rudder and weighed her down. 
Our committee members thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned of many new and interesting ideas to promote recycling in the school.  We plan on using some of these fantastic ideas for our upcoming Green Flag application