The State Examinations Commission has released their schedule of examination dates as well as their exam timetables. Please find all relevant material below. Further below you will find a link to the adjustments which have been made to the Leaving Certificate Examinations for cohort 2022.

Schedule of Examination Dates 2022

Leaving Certificate 2022 Schedule of Examination Dates

LeavingCertificate Applied 2022 Schedule of Examination Dates

Junior Cycle 2022 Schedule of Examination Dates

Timetables 2022

Leaving Certificate Timetable 2022

Leaving Certificate Applied Timetable 2022

Junior Cycle Timetable 2022

Leaving Certificate Adjustments

Details of the further adjustments (February 2022) can be found here Further Adjustments – February 2022

Details of the previous Leaving Certificate adjustments (announced in August 2021) are available in Assessment Arrangements for Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate Examinations 2022. This document also includes the Junior Cycle adjustments which remain valid.

The 2021 Leaving Certificate examination papers are the best guide to the February 2022 adjustments. The 2021 papers can be accessed from the Examinations Material Archive here.