Culture Day

Celebrating Diversity: Boyne Community School’s Vibrant Culture Day!

Today marked a special occasion at our school as we celebrated the rich tapestry of cultures that comprise our vibrant student body.

From the Irish Traveller community to nations spanning the globe, such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, India, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, and Nigeria, our school represents many diverse backgrounds, traditions, and customs.

Through interactive stalls set up by our students, we had the privilege of exploring the wonders of each culture – from the bustling capital cities to the captivating landscapes, from the rhythms of traditional music, dress and customs to the tastes of cultural cuisine to the thrill of national cultural sports.

Thank you to all our students, teachers, parents, and the school’s inclusive school committee, under the guidance of Ms Toner today, who all helped make this Culture Day a reality.

Your efforts have not only created a space where every voice is heard, every culture is celebrated, and every individual feels valued but also shown your dedication to our shared values of inclusivity and respect in the Boyne Community School.

Congratulations and well-done everyone.