On Friday, we celebrated our 1st and 2nd Year ‘Student of the Month’ winners!  The winners from 1st Year were:  Ethan Beirne-Ponomarev (Avoca), Senan McCaffrey (Barrow),  Lee Kearney (Corrib), Dean Heapes (Deel), Tony Morgan (Erne), Michael Kane (Foyle), Ciaran Finnegan (Grange) and Mia Gajdos (Lee).

The winners from 2nd Year were:  Daniel Curtis (Beckett), Andrew Daly (Friel), Patrick Patterson (Heaney), Seán Hanafin (Joyce), Alfie Kelly (Kavanagh), Alex Darby (Swift) and Ryan Dornan (Yeats).   These students were selected because of their brilliant track record of effort and behaviour in class.  Well done to all of our winners!