We are delighted to announce the ‘Students of the Month’ in 1st and 2nd Year for the month of December.

The 1st Year winners are:

  1. Pearl Smyth- Class Avoca
  2. Emily Duignan-  Class Barrow
  3. Jasmine Clarke- Class Corrib
  4. Jack Winters- Class Deel
  5. Thomas James- Class Erne
  6. Sadhbh Barron- Class Foyle
  7. Pádraig Deegan- Class Grange
  8. Nathan Challoner Mallone- Class Lee


The 2nd Year ‘Student of the Months’ are:

  1. Cillian Diamond-  Class Beckett
  2. Joseph James- Class Friel
  3. Adam Dunne- Class Heaney
  4. Ava McEvoy- Class Joyce
  5. Eoin King- Class Kavanagh
  6. Glen McGovern- Class Swift
  7. Thomas Evans- Class Yeats

We are also introducing our ‘Meas, Mórtas, Muintearas’  award for students who show respect, take pride in their work and improve the general feel of the classroom.  The 1st Year winners are:

  1. Donal Yeates-   Class Barrow
  2. Chanel Corrigan- Class Deel
  3. Nikita Bobzik Byrne- Class Erne
  4. Jack McGuane- Class Grange
  5. Michaella Smith- Class Lee

And finally the 2nd Year winners are:

  1. Michael Wall- Class Friel
  2. Ben Walsh Gibbons- Class Heaney
  3. Cian Monaghan- Class Joyce
  4. Charlie Meehan- Class Kavanagh
  5. Patryk Kumorek- Class Swift

Well done to all!