Well done to the following students who won April’s ‘Student of the Month’ from their form group!

The winners from 1st Year were:  John Bagnall (Avoca), Aidan Blount (Barrow), Alicja Lakomska (Corrib), Gheorge-Daniel Jeverdan (Deel), Johan Binu Cherian (Erne), Seán O’Sullivan (Foyle), Adam Genockey (Grange) and Charlie Fagan (Lee).

Our ‘Meas, Mórtas, Muintearas’ winners from 1st Year were:  Edward Pollock (Barrow), Paige O’Connor (Corrib), Katie Quearney Behan (Deel), Oisin Griffin (Erne) and Luke Gibney (Lee).  This award is given to students on a termly basis and is to recognise the work that these students do to live up to our motto of respect, pride and community.

The ‘Student of the Month’ winners from 2nd Year were:  Emma McShane (Beckett), Patrick Cribbin (Friel), Kyal Larkin (Heaney), Jeff Molloy (Joyce), Seán Harrigan (Kavanagh), James Fagan (Swift) and Lewis Ryan (Yeats).

The ‘Meas, Mórtas, Muintearas’ winners from 2nd Year were:  Jack Doran (Friel), Jamie Hughes (Joyce) and Jason Bulloch (Swift).

Well done to all involved!