We’re thrilled to announce our newest addition to our team at Boyne Community School.
Meet Wonder, the adorable 10-week-old Sheppard Doodle! 🌟

Wonder comes to us from the wonderful folks at My Canine Companion, a charity we’re proud to support and collaborate with. We’re grateful for their dedication to training incredible pups like Wonder to become invaluable companions and assistants.

Yesterday marked Wonder’s very first day at work, and what an exciting day it was! From meeting staff and students to exploring her new surroundings, she dove headfirst into the adventure.

Under the expert guidance of Ms Daly, Ms Lawless & and Deputy Principal Mr ‘O Callaghan, Wonder will embark on a comprehensive two-year training journey to become a fully-fledged working dog. Over the next few weeks, Wonder will gradually start working with some of our students, spreading joy and companionship wherever she goes.

So, here’s to Wonder – our little bundle of fur and endless potential! We can’t wait to see all the amazing things she’ll accomplish as she grows and learns alongside us. 🌟🐾